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I hate MEDIA PLAYER. Some sorta codec problem I guess... won't play TIVO files. TIA

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CyberLink Video/SP Decoder
That's what it says trying to play a TIVO file. I do hear AUDIO tho.
Under Tools-Options-DVD-Advanced it says...
Main Concept MPEG Demultiplexer

I have installed MY DVD, Roxio Cine Player, CyberLink DVD, etc. I should have codecs out the butt now.

They suggested at the TIVO forums to try
Tools-Options-Performance Tab-Advanced...
and mess with those settings. I saw this in another thread they replied too over the same problem. I tried this alreayd too but I went ahead and tried it again. Click one or the other "Video Mix Renderer" setting, then neither. Messed with all the other stuff, tried turning all the stuff off. Nothing works. Tried playing some other avi files ok. I also tried rolling WMP back to an earlier version then reinstalling WMP 11. Only other thing I can think of is to try and remove WMP all the way if I can.
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What version of Tivo To Go do you have?

This happened to me for a few months when I first loaded WMP10.

Finally started playing the Tivo files again when I upgraded to TTG 2.5.
Tivo "desktop" 2.5.
Sometimes too many codecs can be a problem too. WMP (actually DirectX) seems to always pick the last one installed, even if there is a better one to choose from. Given that playing with WMP settings didn't help, you could try removing the last installed codec and see what happens.

How do you go about doing that?
SCIFI 3D zoo said:
How do you go about doing that?
You can try adjusting the "merit" value of your installed codecs.

Direct Show Filter Manager will allow you to do that.


Search this forum for "merit" and "codec" for ideas how to use it.

Man... I can't find anything in a search.

BUT... I did already install DSF Manager and didn't know what to do after that? There's dozens of listings. I noticed a "tivo" codec there and assigned it the highest priority. I haven't rebooted but it has not had any effect yet. So it's not looking good.
I hate to recommend just installing even more codecs, but have you tried this one? :p


Or Nvidia's trial...

Maybe the best solution for you if your machine is royally dorked is to pay the $25 and get Tivo Desktop Plu$. It installs a codec that is suppose to be guaranteed to work as long as your are playing .tivo files. Won't help with .mpg, but they may not be of concern to you.
I'll try it.

I don't want to mess with any trials. I need a permanent solution. I burn a lot of dvd's. I have about 200 so far actually.. with 3-4 shows on each.

I've had it working before. Problem is it goes off and on all year long. 2-3 times a year. Shouldn't have to pay them to get their crap to work tho. They should put that part in DESKTOP for FREE then right? And keep all the other features in their upgrade version. Makes sense to me. But I have heard somebody else already mention that as an option.
The MPEG-2 codec is licensed. Somebody has to pay for it. The free ones on the net are not legal.
The COLE2K isn't legal? It's a Download.com file too. Must be ok.

Actually I think it worked. I just did the typical install on it and WMP is playing them again. I rebooted today too so using the "merit" system on the TIVO codec I saw didn't work. But this did work and I saved that file to my hdd for the future. B/c I'm sure this is gonna happen again. THANKS.
SCIFI 3D zoo said:
The COLE2K isn't legal? It's a Download.com file too. Must be ok.
It's definitely a grey area. :)
zoom player works great for me. you can also configure skip forward and back. give it a try.
VLC has codecs for pretty much every kind of video file. It is available at www.videolan.org its free and its open source.
erikg said:
VLC has codecs for pretty much every kind of video file. It is available at www.videolan.org its free and its open source.
VLC doesn't seem to work for me at all. And if I try WMP I can view them fine but the length of the show is completely off. I can't skip commercials.
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