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Just that. I'm sick of this #$% [email protected]#%$^ rotten, stinking piece of #$%^.

I had posted here a couple times how we were recording important events and invited people over to watch and this stupid thing was frozen up. And we missed part of the event, such as a quarter of a football game (Bears or Cornhuskers), and had to apologize to our guests.

Not surprisingly those posts have been deleted.

It has happened intermittently since and I have gone on with life. But the last two mornings in a row we go to watch the morning news and it's locked up. I have to go unplug it and wait for it to reboot.

So a couple of questions and I'll never bother you all again:
  1. Where is the best place to sell this? I have the Bolt and the mini remote thing? eBay? Is there somewhere else? I actually have guilt pangs selling it. Maybe I should give it away. Maybe I should pay someone to haul it to salvage. I bought the mini on a different auction site than eBay but can't remember the name of it.
  2. When others, such as me, get fed up what is the alternative? Tablo TV? I like the thought of being able to watch any recorded shows anywhere over the internet. Other suggestions?

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I feel your pain. My Roamio's have been very reliable, but the cable card issues and high cost of cable ruin it for me.

1. I've had the best luck on facebook marketplace, eBay or craigslist. You could list here as well, but it usually won't move as quickly.

2. Youtube TV (or similar cloud DVR, cable TV replacement service) is the best alternative I've found. Kills several birds with one stone. Get nearly all your old cable channels, locals and PBS plus a cloud DVR you can watch anywhere with nothing but a streaming stick, smart TV or phone/tablet/laptop. Also allows you to dump cable and all their bogus and hidden fees.

About Tablo, Recast and other OTA DVRs, realize they're OTA only, not cable. While they work fine, they only work with an antenna. And Tablo at least, has a monthly or lifetime fee like Tivo. I personally wanted to keep some cable channels, so I went for a streaming service instead. But that's up to you and your viewing requirements.

Good luck
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