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I did something stupid...

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I have the DTV r-10 series, the sucker was working great, till I decided to hook the HDD to my PC via a USB to SATA/IDE cable. Thinking it will still work even ifI did this...

Well, I get a Green Screen

A Severe Error has occured

Please Leave recorder plugges in and connected to the phone line for the next three hours while the recorder attem,pts to repair itself.

Don't uplug it, or restart the recorder

After three hours if it does not restart call customer care...then the #.

Oh man, ity was stupid of me to do this huh? I thought it woulden';t harm nothing, just wanted to see if the PC would read it....did I **** it up, or will it repair itself like it says? What do I do? Leave it on this screen as I am guessing it says so?

Update: Looks like the problem might have been fixed.

K, it is fixed, but it's slow now :(, guess no way around this part.
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Yes, you should not hook a TiVo drive up to a Win Xp system. It's a known issue that XP will write a signature to the drive that's harmful to the TiVo software.
What I remember about upgrading My tivo was removing the pc drive that had the operating system on it before proceding. Next time do this and you should be good to go.
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