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I recently upgraded to the new UI (Hydra) and encountered a number of problems and poor support that I would like to help others avoid. I have a Tivo Roamio Plus and 3 minis that were impacted.

  1. After the upgrade, my Roamio rebooted and came up with the Tivo starting up message, then the screen went black and a gray arrow screen with the new Tivo logo and "starting up" was displayed. After 4-5 minutes the screen went black and my TV displayed a "no signal message".
  2. I waited about 10 minutes and then unplugged the unit, plugged it back in and it repeated this cycle.
  3. Frustrated, I went to check one of my Minis and got the message that my Roamio unit was upgraded and that I would need to upgrade the mini to use it. I did so, and after the mini rebooted it was able to access the tuners and recordings on the Roamio. I could also see that the Roamio was recording scheduled shows. ** So basically the only thing wrong was that I was not getting any HDMI output or there was an HDMI sync issue.
  4. I opened a ticket with Tivo and received instructions to reboot with nothing connected but the power and HDMI cables. This did not yield any change in behavior.
  5. I called in to Tivo and they told me that this was likely a HW failure. I disagreed and asked them if a os rollback kickstart code (52) would work. After waiting on hold for them to figure out what I was talking about they suggested that I should try a reset kickstart code (7654321).
  6. I did the reset kickstart and it resulted in the same boot sequence. Not quite ready to give up I did some research on HDMI sync issues (which seem to be very common after the hydra upgrade) and saw that the manual HDMI resolution button on the back of my unit might cause it to connect at a supported resolution.
  7. I pushed the button twice and the Tivo UI came up at 1080i. I had to recomplete guided setup (because I had just factory reset the box) and each time it came up I had to manually change the resolution with the button so that my TV could see it.
  8. After I completed setup, I went to the settings menu and disabled "auto" resolution for HDMI and enabled 1080p, 1080i, and 720p. Now the unit is working fine.
In summary, the autodetection code for HDMI resolution in Hydra seems to be broken, so if your TV can't support HDMI 2.2/1080p it fails. So, before you send your unit back (or factory reset it) try the manual resolution button.
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