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Humax T800 and InstantCake

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So a week or so ago, my T800 harddrive fried - so much so that I couldnt even see it on my PC form the BIOS level. I got another harddrive and purchased the InstantCake software. Baked my cake no problem (tried this a few times - no errors). I throw the drive back in my Tivo and it gets past "Powering up..." to a solid light blue screen. Then nothing. Has anyone seen this before? I've tried all the mater / slave combinations with the jumpers, I've re-baked... dont know what else to try.

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Is that how you got to 26000 posts? Very helpful...
Sometimes I get into one of those moods where I just have to respond. :) Especially to duplicate threads.

BTW, this is my 26062 palindrome post. :)
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