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Humax T800 and InstantCake

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So a week or so ago, my T800 harddrive fried - so much so that I couldnt even see it on my PC form the BIOS level. I got another harddrive and purchased the InstantCake software. Baked my cake no problem (tried this a few times - no errors). I throw the drive back in my Tivo and it gets past "Powering up..." to a solid light blue screen. Then nothing. Has anyone seen this before? I've tried all the mater / slave combinations with the jumpers, I've re-baked... dont know what else to try.

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It may be that the TiVo is in standby. Did you try pressing the TiVo button after you get the blue screen?
Will try that but why would it be in standby after just powering up?
My suggestion is that you ask this in the upgrade or underground forum.
If the original that the image was from was in standby when the power was disconnected, the TiVo will always power up in standby.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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