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I recently got a new Humax DVD-R 80hr TiVo (the one with an IEEE 1394 interface that appears to be being phased out). This is now my 7th TiVo, all others still functioning.

I am haivng a terrible time trying to control this unit with the TiVo remote. Sometimes it won't respond to the remote, other times it will respond to the same signal twice. I have multiple TiVo remotes and the problem isn't with any of the remotes, it is the unit.

This was of particular annoyance when importing a video to be burned to DVD, entering the title to be used via the ouija board. If it were to receive two signals while I was on B trying to reach A, it would go back to the choice of input, and upon returning to the ouija board all the characters I'd successfully and painstakingly entered were gone!

Are remote responsiveness problems endemic to the Humax 80hr DVD-R TiVos, or did I just get a bad refurb? I specifically ordered the unit from TiVo because I wanted one with that Firewire/IEEE 1394 input as the only units still in stores with them are display models. I don't want to exchange it and not get the same model back.

(I'm sorry to have to make my first post in almost 7 months be a complaint.)
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