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I purchased a used Humax DRT800. I plugged it in and the Tivo boots up and I can control it from the front panel but the remote does not control the Tivo. The lights come on the remote control. I have another Tivo the same model and tried that remote and it also does not control the Tivo. To do a system refresh requires a pressing the thumbs down three times which I can not do. I have also unplugged the Tivo letting it cool down and then trying the remote and it does not work.

Do you have any suggestions?


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It could be a couple of things. The IR sensor could be disconnected or broken. Or the TiVo is programmed to use a different remote code. Try navigating using the front panel keys to the system info page. When you get to that screen, point the new remote at the TiVo and press the up or down keys a couple of times. This will set the TiVo to the right remote code.

Or you could reset the new remote. Press and hold the TiVo button and the Pause Button until the red light at the top of the remote stays on. Then press the '0' button a couple of times. This will reset the remote to control any Tivo.

Hope that helps,
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