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I am very grateful to have found this forum - my DRT800 is pushing me over the edge!

I have also recently suffered the "freeze-out" on my Humax unit; after calling the help center and being told it was just a software glitch, I was instructed to unplug everything, wait ten minutes, and plug it back in, including the phone line.

Perhaps foolishly, I did as she intructed.

That was a week ago. This morning I get a message on my Humax saying I need to update my information via the phone line. It's a little bizarre, as it has always updated automatically in the past, but I agree, and it begins the connection process.

And stops.

Four attempts later - changing the dial-out number, disabling the dial tone recognition - it still insists it can't connect because someone is using the phone. I don't have a land line phone at all - the only reason I have phone service is for my TiVo. There is an ougoing dial tone, confirmed by my phone company.

What on earth is going on? And (she asks with dread) if this has anything to do with the freeze-up, do I need to call and get a new unit, or is this fixable as-is?

Thanks in advance for any help you have to give!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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