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Noise with TiVos can be a big problem, although our Humax was the quietest TiVo we've ever had. I'm sensitive to the noise at night... couldn't stand the Toshiba SD-H400, the Humax usually is OK, but it's still not great.

Here are some solutions (short of moving the unit to another room and either cabling it from there or A/V wirelessly sending its picture to the bedroom).

1) Turn off Suggestions recording.

2) Switch Live TV to a channel you don't get.

Doing both things will eliminate the hard drive recording noises as it won't be recording! Of course, once it starts recording something you've set up, it will stay on the channel and do its 30 minute live recording.

3) Don't record shows overnight and do #s 1 & 2. (Buy a 2nd TiVo for the family room to record those middle of the sleep hour shows.)

4) Put the unit inside of an enclosure--with plenty of breathing room. You can either use an infrared extender from the box to outside so you can use the remote, or try a glass doored TV/VCR enclosure unit--the remote will work through that.

5) Wear ear plugs... you only need one, the exposed ear... you can find soft squishy plugs at most drugstores.

6) Some have put foam or books on their units (I did that with ours--and it stopped much of the high-pitched whirring sound that drives me bonkers).

7) Give up and move it to another room and then cable the unit back into your bedroom. You can then record whatever you want during the night.

Let us know if any of those help you.
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