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Not on FX.
This is only on Hulu. Start of original programming that FX will only have for FX on Hulu

Haven't watched yet, but it's on my watchlist.
Oh, I didn't know it was a Hulu exclusive.

I'm liking the music, style, and actors. The mystery and cliffhangers/hooks at the end of the episode I like a lot.

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sorry if any of what I type is a repeat...since this is a whole season thread I don't want to be spoiled so not looking at other posts.....

I am two episodes in and I love it. Love the style, the colors, the music, the pacing, etc. Gives me some Lost vibes and for me that is GREAT!

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Well that's not confusing at all.
When FX on Hulu showed up as a tab in Hulu, I took it to mean that FX shows would be streaming on Hulu.
FX/FXX shows are streaming on Hulu.

Not really confusing. This is the new model (i.e. CBS All Access, Disney+, etc)

New FX/FXX steams next day.
There's a library of old FX/FXX shows.
Additionally, there's FX on Hulu ONLY shows.
See: FX on Hulu

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