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hulu wont show up on new premiere

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it's not under the providers. i swear before i activated the hulu that it was listed on the main tivo screen

reboot didnt help..ideas?
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It should be the first thing listed after choosing Video on Demand or if you instead choose Music, Photos, & Showcases, it should be the second item listed.

It should be under My Shows as well as Find TV, Movies, & Videos
nope not under my shows..netflix and youtube are though..also i can get to the content on my laptop just fine so the network is working

not under find tv shows either..just blockbuster, amazon, netflix and youtube are there

the only place i can find the word hulu is under browse tv and movies then 'available from' and there are 4 large blocks, but when i go to hulu plus nothing happens even if i hit select

edit called and they said do a connection and may take 72 hours
Turn on the HDUI, go to Settings | Channels | Video Providers List

Is it in there but unchecked? If so, check it.

If not, go to your Account page on tivo.com and select Change DVR Preferences. Link: https://www3.tivo.com/tivo-mma/dvrpref.do

Uncheck both of the boxes (Video Sharing, Enable Video Downloads) and Save.
Wait for some time. TiVo Support says 2 hours, but it will probably take less.
What you are waiting for is the "TiVo To Go" line on the System Info page to change from "a,a,a" to "i,i,i". You need to connect to the TiVo service to refresh this.
So, connect to the TiVo Service until you see it change to "i,i,i".

Next, change the preferences back to both boxes checked and Save.
Follow the steps above and connect periodically until the setting goes back to "a,a,a".

Check the Video Providers List in the Channels setting menu and see if Hulu+ is now present. If so, check it.

I hope this helps you correct the issue.
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running a manual connection and rebooting did fix it
What is a "manual" connection?

And how do I reboot the TIVO?

I can't get Hulu either. I'm trying the tip by djwilso, will let you know.
If you are using HD GUI, a simple GUI reboot should correct missing Hulu or other applications; simply press, from TiVo Central, thumbs down, thumbs up. play, play. The screen will go black, and when the GUI refreshes, missing icons should be present.
What is a "manual" connection?

And how do I reboot the TIVO?

I can't get Hulu either. I'm trying the tip by djwilso, will let you know.
because it's a new unit, you need to go to tivo, settings, network, connect to tivo and then your software will update to 14.8. it took a little while so for d/l and install give yourself at least 15 to 30 min...this solved my problem...hulu wasnt even listed as a provider

i also had another problem where i couldnt see the hulu or netflix pic..here it was a bad hdmi cable, i could see all other vid fine but something about hulu didnt like my cable and replacing it fixed my feed

to reboot go to tivo/settings/help/restart
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