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Hughes HDVR2 Pixelation

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I replaced my drive in my HDVR2 about a month ago and had recorded a couple of PPV movies. Those movies play back fine. My problem is now whatever I record is majorly pixelated. And when I try to watch live tv it is pixelated.

I had both Sat 1 and Sat 2 setup but now Sat 2 is showing 0 when I test the connections.

I am guessing my tuner has died and that is causing the pixelation. I don't think it is a harddrive problem if the live tv viewing is affected, right?

Is it worth trying to get it fixed or should I just buy a new DVR? I don't know if the HDVR is available anymore.

Thank goodness it is my 2nd Tivo - my old Series 1 is still hanging in there :up:
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Thanks but I don't have S-video connected to the HDVR2 - I have an old tv that only has a coax connector so that is what I have connected to dvr output.
try rebooting the unit and then see how you make out.

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