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Personally, I have no problem mentioning that "other" forum when it is appropriate. I see nothing wrong directing people to as much info as possible.

What's sensitive about HR20 posts here is when the info becomes "us" versus "them". Which is what happens as soon as someone starts to mention pros and cons. Each forum has its place.

Cracker Soul
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CessnaDriver said:
Sorry, I was afraid to mention them specifically on here since everyone is so sensitive about HR20 posts. :eek: :D
That's what people who are sensitive about HR20 posts want, for the discussion to be directed to the appropriate forum. So there's no reason at all not to mentioned it. Heck, link it directly.

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Here are dozens of the $20 upgrade success stories.

Here are hundreds more.

To call for the best upgrade price at the first prompt say cancel service. That puts you to retention. Call during business hours. Be polite. Research competitive offers ahead of time. Do not threaten. Although some successfully negotiated on the first call, others took three to four calls to get the right CSR.

Factor in the average $180 price you might still get for your HR10 on eBay. Last week they averaged $200.

Other links:

133 Undocumented Tips & Tricks

TiVo Users Survival Guide

Getting a good install is everything. What you do can make all of the difference. Choose the right time of day, get the work order written the right way, etc.:

HR20 Installation Tips

Here are another 40 topics like these in the HR20 FAQ:


- Craig
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