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Why can people just not realise that the HR10's are nearing the end of their useful life as a HD unit.

Yes we all love our Tivo Powered Units, but there comes a time when technology moves on...... and its about time people moved on to.

The HR10's cannot even see the Sats needed for the New HD Mpeg4 Channels. So instead of wasting Money and time coming up with ideas to be able to trancode the stream from Mpeg4 to Mpeg2, you first have to work out a way to even "see" the New Sats.

Then even if you could see them, you are going to have to sit around for Hours at a time transcoding the Program, AND you cannot watch live TV on the unit.

Why dont some people get an old 100MHz CPU Computer, and see how long it takes to transcode an Mpeg4 to Mpeg2..... I am willing to bet you will give up once you realise how long it will take.

Technology moves on..... its about time the HR10's are put to retirement. Yes I know I am going to be cast into the pits of damnation for saying it, but its the truth!
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