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I have 8 HR10s along with ST and Superfan. I just tried to set this weekend games to record and I get an X 741 error and I am unable to set the games to record. I tried calling D* tech support and after no resolution the problem was escalated.

Interestingly, I was able to set games to record on 3 of my SD-DVRs in SD of course and also in HD on my two HR20 units that I have been trying to get used to for several months.

Does anyone else have this issue? I also noticed that this weekend ST games on the HR10s were recorded but that the game info did not match the games recorded.
I wonder if D* is having guide problems with the addition of new channels. So far the HR10s seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

Let me know if anyone else is having problems and by all means let D* know if you are.

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