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ddruker said:
DTV doesn't seem to mind if you sign up for the protection agreement after your HD Tivo is already broken. There have been many posts on this here. Ethics issues are up to you after you read the posts.
Is there a time limit for how soon a claim can be filed after you sign up for the protection plan? I got home today to the "powering up" screen and a nasty "click click" from my hard drive :-(
Maybe this would be the advantage of the new leasing program starting in March. If it breaks, they have to fix it!
I look at it this way, if I'm "required" to keep my service for a year because of their contract, they should be required to make sure I can actually receive their service.

Edit: I read the terms, it says it goes into effect one month after it the plan is started. One year contract on the protection plan with auto renewal. I'm going to see if DirecTV will just replace the thing. Otherwise, it looks like I'll be trying a drive update.

Edit again: I guess it would have paid to just call DirecTV first. I was quickly passed from the first tier of tech support to the second. After just a couple questions, he agreed that the hard drive failed. He looked and saw that I activated the receiver last July and said, "you're still in the 1 year warranty period". I thought they only had a 90 day warranty, but I guess that isn't the case. They are sending a replacement withing 2-3 days no charge.
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