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I have an HR10-250 with Vonage and I am able to get it to successfully dial out using the NY 212 area code although I am in Illinois.

I have several questions I hope someone can answer:
1. Why can I connect to a NY number and not to a local? I've listened in while my unit was dialing. The local number answers and attempts to handshake, but to no avail. Eventually, my unit times out. Sounds like a modem (or noise) problem. I have a DSL filter in the line also.

2. Although my unit makes successful calls (according to the HR10 screen), my units dials out 6 to 10 times each day. All one minute calls. Why is this? It happens in spite of the fact that the next scheduled call is a day or two away. I have the unlimited minute plan so I am not concerned about long distance calls.

3. Does calling out on the NY 212 number also connect to DirecTV? If I order pay per view with my remote, will it get reported properly?

4. What is it with the various prefixes and pauses, etc. I must use to get the unit to successfully dial out? I"m using

Dial in number does not matter
Dial Prefix: 12122773895
Call waiting Prefix: ,,#019,,
phone available: off
dial tone detect: off

No dsl filter, vonage line quality set to highest

I've seen several variations on the above theme, ie different numbers in the call waiting prefix, some starting out with an *70 and/or *99. What do the different values represent?

Sorry about the ramble, but I'd like to get a handle on what I"m doing and why.

Thanks all

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