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newby1 said:
I have read some of your "zipper" stuff. That is where I got the itch to multi room my HR10-250's. Could you explain why the newer software can be hacked for multi room but not the older version in HR10.
So even if you COULD get 6.2 on the HR10, MRV still would not work very well.

First of all, you would have to do it with another HR10 as the SD-DTiVo's wouldn't know what to do with the HD video. Or, you would have to downconvert it which I doubt the HR10's slow processor could handle.

So if you did try to do MRV with two HR10's I can't imagine it being as useful as it is on the SD models. Even with USB 2.0 I don't think you could watch it real time. You'd likely have to start it, walk away for a few hours and go back. The HD video is up to 10 times larger than SD, so figure about 10 times slower! MRV is slow enough on wired networks and your wanting to do wireless!

I just don't think it's practical even with 6.2! They really would have to design a beefier box capable of downconverting the stream to SD before streaming it...
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