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On my HR10-250 the SAT B input is not working at all can i get this fixed or fix it myself?

It is not the signal coming in I tested it and the line works fine on SAT A, all of the sudden SAT B does not get any information from the dish and I get that annoying error on the screen (searching... on SAT B)

I also had a semi-related question

My second question is with the new HD channels coming out is it even worth getting fixed? Because I was under the impression that with the HR10-250 I will not be able to view the new HD channels

Also what is the new service upgrade they announced a couple of months back for the HR10-250, I remember seeing on Engadget they finally decided to give HR10 users another service upgrade ?

Because if I cannot use this system w/ the new HD i'll keep this one in another room to extract and stream the HD shows I want, all over my house and get the whatever receiver Directv is putting out now that doesn't have Tivo


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I assume by "Sat B" you mean the Sat In 2 input on the HR10. If by swapping the two inputs and the problem persists, then tuner 2 has failed. You can still use it in single tuner mode.

Now, if the problem really is with Sat B (119), then you may have an LNB problem. What dish do you have? Are you using an external multiswitch?

It is true that the HR10 cannot use the MPEG4 satellites.
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