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I know there have been thousands of posts regarding HR10-250 reboots but I have found an interesting pattern with my 2 units. If I keep both tuners on non-XM music channels, they never reboot. If at least one of the 2 tuners is tuned into an XM Music channel, my unit will reboot within hours without fail. I am running 6.3d. This may be totally random and have nothing to do with the actual issue, but that is what I have found. My units will literally go months without rebooting when both tuners are left on non-XM music channels but will reboot 100% of the time within 24 hours (and usually within 8 hours) if I leave at least one tuner on an XM music channel. Does that make sense to anyone? I've considered doing a clear and delete to see if that would clear up the issue but I don't want to risk it since the units are working fine with the exception of those reboots. This is probably just something unique to my units but I thought I would pass it along to see if anyone else has noticed something similar.
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