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HR10-250- Question on testing it

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I have an HR10-250 that has been sitting in a closet since I deactivated it from D*.

I plan on giving it away but I wanted to test it first and also remove old stored programs.

I thought that it would be as simple as plugging it in and running the component cables to an old tv for testing but I can't bring anything up.

What do I have to do with respect to connections. etc. to determine that this unit is still functional?

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Check the format LEDs on the front to make sure that 480i is selected - use the format button to select it if it isn't. You should get 480i at least during the initial boot.

Do any lights on the front come on? Do you hear the fan or disk drive spin up?

If it does boot, you'll get a message about searching for satellite. Press the DirecTV (TiVo) button on the remote to go to the menu. Then go to Settings, Restart the Recorder, Clear and Delete Everything.
Steve, thanks.

Another question.

The manual shows the connection to be made from the HR10 component side to the tv. The component side is red, blue and green. The tv is red ,white and yellow.

My connectors are all red, white and yellow or all red, blue and green.

How do I make the connection from the HR10 to the tv.

Your HR10 also has composite video outputs (yellow, red, white). Just use those outputs instead of the component video outputs.
Thanks, Jim, Steve and Litzdog911.

Using all of your input, I was successful in getting to the clean & delete screen.

The message indicated that it would take up to an hour to complete.

I assume when this process is complete, I will be all set.

If there is anything else I should do, please let me know.

Thanks again.

The screen said it would take up to 1 hour. I got worried at the 3 hour mark and thought it was hung up.

It finally finished.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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