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I got a Sony HD monitor over the holidays. I'm now trying to decide what to do about HD programing? No real choice for cable (small local cable company). I've been a D* customer since 1995.

Should I get the HR10-250 now or wait for the new mpeg4 receiver? My local TV market (Greenville-Spartanburg, SC) is 35th on the Nielsen rankings. Also, I'm probably on the fringe (30 to 40 miles) for OTA. I do know that the local Radio Shack can receive HD via OTA with just the "rabbit ear" type of HD/OTA?

If I do get the HR10-250, is it best to order from D* or a retailer (and self install)? Would the D* install include the costs for the OTA and new multiplexer? I currently have a PhaseIII dish feeding a DTivo (SAT-60) and two other standard receivers. The 4 coax from the dish run to a central point - from there I have 3 coax and 2 CAT-5 running to all possible TV/receiver locations...so, cables/wires should not be an issue. I also have two spare coax running from the attic to the basement (central point).

With OTA HD locals, will the receiver still get the SD locals?

Sorry for the long post with many questions. Any help will be much appreciated.

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