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Hey folks,

Will lifetime Tivo service on a HR10-250 DIRECTV receiver/Tivo combo remain with the box? I know someone who has one of these that he no longer uses. He had the lifetime Tivo service and then cancelled his DIRECTV service last month to go to Comcast. If I set the receiver up under my DIRECTV account, will the lifetime Tivo service transfer?


Nick in Kalamazoo

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phox_mulder said:
Once he cancelled is service, that lifetime is gone forever.
Not quite...

From the Customer Agreement http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global/contentPageNR.jsp?assetId=P400042
If you paid a "lifetime service fee," you will not be charged a fee for your DIRECTV DVR Service as long as you maintain television programming service from DIRECTV on the same account. If you disconnect your DIRECTV television programming service and later reconnect on the same account, your DIRECTV DVR service will be reconnected and you will not be charged a fee for DIRECTV DVR Service.
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