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The hard drive on my HR10-250 went belly up with the green screen of a severe error has occurred. D* is going to replace the unit for me under the service contract, but the new unit will not be here until wed. wife + 3 kids - TV = my personal hell. D* has already told me they do not want the old HR10 back

I found instant cake and can get a 320 gb drive locally for a very resonable cost, the onlyt hing it does not tell me is the PC requirements for the build. I would rather not tear apart any of my current machines to do this build, I have a older dell XPS-R450, but I am pretty sure that it does not have large format hard drive support, will this unit work for building th new drive image on the hard drive or will I need to tear down one ofthe current machines?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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