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I am a long time reader so apologize in advance for question but need some advice.
My hr10-250 has begun freezing and rebooting. I have 6.3d. I was going to get instacake and use a new HD because maybe it is a symptom of a bad hd....but noticed that there are no folders for my recordings. Very strange because they use to be there now all the programs are just in the playlist. I tried a complete clear and delete but still no folders. Should I just go ahead and get a new HD?
Thanks soccerroo

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soccerroo said:
.... Is the freezing and rebooting symptoms of a bad hd or 6.3e?
There do seem to be a bit more than the usual "freezing/rebooting" problems after the recent 6.3e software update. We always see some of these problems because the Tivo's hard drive switches to a previously unused partition after the software update, so any drive problems in that partition can lead to "sudden" freezing and reboot problems.
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