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HR-250 keeps rebooting

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on it's own. Has anyone experienced this? I've been watching T.V. and it just keep rebooting on its own. Its probably done it like 4 times in the past 3 hours. Any input would help.
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The hard drive is more than likely on its last legs....Sorry nothing good comes of the constant reboot!
There are a number of discussions about this problem and more that just a hard drive could be the cause. You might want to scan some of the threads.
I'm having a problem that is effecting 2 HR10-250s. When the weather is bad, they reboot. Normally, I would have thought this was a hard drive problem, but its effecting 2 different units. Both of these units are running 6.3d.

A few minutes before a reboot, the message "lost satellite signal" appears. The reboot occurs a few minutes after that. After the reboot, if the weather remains poor (heavy rain), the HR10-250 will reboot again. This process continues until the heavy rain stops.

Any thoughts?
In that case the reboots may simply be coincidental with unstable power, which is typically coincidental with thunderstorms, and may actually have nothing at all to do with a loss of signal, which should never cause a reboot directly. A UPS is a good idea.
There are several other threads here and on other boards and the problem seems to be with those HR10-250's NOT running software version 6.3e

My Tivo called in this morning and got a LOOOOONG download and it was 6.3e!!!

So far, no reboots!!!
I'm also getting reboots. Got 3 in a 5 hour period today. I've read the other discussions concerning reboots. However, I did find this in the kernel log:

Nov 4 05:23:44 (none) /tvbin/fancontrol[123]: The current board temperature is 64

There is something in the messages that says the set critical temperature point is 62, so couldn't I assume correctly that the unit would trigger a reboot once this number was breached?

I may have a flaky temperature sensor. Anyone got any pictures of where this might be on the board?

Just a quick update:

Turned on CBS this morning for football at 9:30 AM (CBS seems to give these things the most trouble) and it went reboot free ALL day. I just switched channels to record something else and all is well!!!!!! :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
You can fix it by going back to 3.1.5f version of the code.
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