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How to set up keep-only-the-most-recent-episode-only?

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Our previous cable DVR (Comcast) had the nice feature that we could set up a recording that only kept the most recently shown episode for a series. This was perfect for news shows such as BBC World News on BBC America, where we'd always have the most recent episode on the DVR at any time -- this show is shown multiple times a day since it is an up-to-date newscast.

We tried to do this on Tivo (HD) with a season pass and setting first run only, and I thought setting "1 episode" would constant erase the kept episode with the new episodes as they came in. But no, it records once, and then never records the subsequent episodes -- I want to constantly update the recorded episode.

So the workaround is to keep "All episodes" -- this works of course, but you end up having to manually delete all the episodes you don't want, up to the most recent episode. This is a pain. I want the box to do this housekeeping for me.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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You also need to have the setting "Keep Until: Space needed" rather than "Keep Until I Delete"

We have a couple of news shows with Keep At Most = 1 and Keep Until Space Needed and it works the way you want to.

The other thing we've done with the BBC news is to use a Manual Recording to get only the 7 PM edition - this way it's not switching over to BBC several times a day.
Great! Yes, those settings and Show Type: All (with duplicates) seems to do the trick for our needs (we don't mind it recording everything, since I always want the latest news on the box). Thanks for your help!

In summary:
- Keep At Most: 1 episode
- Show Type: All (with duplicates)
- Keep Until: Space Needed
You don't need All With Duplicates for this.
dswtan said:
...perfect for news shows ... where we'd always have the most recent episode on the DVR at any time
Stewart thanks for your post--it's never occurred to me to use the Tivo for this!!! :eek:

:up: :D
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