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Yes, this is the downgrade process I had asked a couple of people to try before posting. I guess the testing is done! I really really really hope people understand that by doing this you will lose everything on your box - recordings, OnePasses, preferences. Everything! For those of you that still choose to roll back, I sincerely hope we'll get you back. We are listening to your feedback and working on how to bring back some of the functionality you feel is missing in gen4.
Personally, I really appreciate BadCommand posting the downgrade steps. My household was close to mutiny due to the upgrade.

To be very specific, it had nothing to do with the new look or features. 100% of the dissatisfaction in my home was due to the large volume of glitches and bugs we experienced. I submitted an online support request at tivo.com and received no response.

A short (but not exhaustive) list of issues:

1) The channel info bar showed program data for the wrong channels/market (Guide data was correct)
2) The channel info bar would show "Title not available" for channels whose data was clearly displayed in the guide
4) Channel up/down would randomly stop working and you'd need to visit the guide to change channels (This would be coincident with the "Title not available" issue. If this was displayed, channel up/down would stop working)
5) Channels would randomly disappear from the guide (and no ... people were not editing the channel list)
6) Tivo minis would randomly complain about cable card issues (There is no cable card -- it is an OTA setup)
7) Tivo minis would have empty guide data (no channels) We'd have to regularly re-select the host DVR to get the data back.

There are more, but you get the gist. Before someone suggests a network or equipment problem, everything worked correctly before the Hydra "upgrade" and works correctly again after the downgrade.
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