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How to record local channels without antenna?

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Is there a way to record local channels on TiVo without an antenna (and without cable)? For example, using Locast app? My local reception is poor. I am in the SF area, so Locast is an option, but I can't figure out if TiVo can record the Locast stream. I currently have a TiVo Roamio and a Bolt.
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No, it can't record streaming or from any app.
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While it would be legal to record Locast, none of these "connected devices" that have these apps were ever designed to record because people would be streaming/viewing "pre-recorded" content already on the servers. However, in theory, if one had a VCR or DVR recorder (with built-in HDD even better), it could be done and it would be legal. However, you would have to take the output and convert it to something that can be input to the recording device while removing any encryption, if any, and you cab search the internet and find such conversion devices that are very small. All this would be legal so long as it is for YOUR PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. Good luck.
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