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How to record 2 in DT

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Okay, I'm hooked up and all seems fine.

Except, I can't figure out the recording 2 at the same time. On the SA8300, all I do is press record, and it records (it records all channels, HD, analog, digital, whatever). Go to another channel, same thing. Then I can switch between the 2 easily, or I can watch a previously recorded.

Okay, I hear I have to give that up for TiVo, since I can only record one digitial (above 99) and I'm properly connected to do that.

So, does that mean I can only record ONE analog and ONE digital? Or can I record TWO analog?
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2 analog, as long as one of the analog is unscrambled and does not need a cable box .

If you are properly configured, you should be able to record:

1 digital and 1 analog
2 analog.

See this article on how to setup your dual tuner with a cable box:
Thanks. That link is great and reinforces the instructions and that I'm connected properly.

Glad to know it will record 2 analog.

I tried to do this this afternoon, (experiment) and it recorded one show. I went to another channel, and recorded that. It seemed to record, but I was able to go to other channels.

Only one show was displayed as recording in Now Playing. Going back to the channel of the 2nd recording, it said it was recording and did I want to stop recording? I didn't. I still can't find it. I really don't think it recorded both. Go figure.

Perhaps that was just beginners' luck (beginning with the DT that is)
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