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How to put on mode 0?

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Hi every one :)
Haven't posted anything for ages here but have been reading with interest about the shutting down of the service and the alt. epg. I have a network card so I am still getting the service from TiVo. I don't feel that it can last much longer though and I am ready for the alt. epg. As I am not very technically minded I will go for the bigger hard drive with the software already on there for the alt. epg.

What I did want to put on the TiVo as well is the mode 0 for better quality picture as I have a 42 inch TV plasma. But I not sure if I could put mode 0 on the TiVo my self. I have read that you can put it on using telnet but cant seem to find a step by step process on doing this. Is it difficult for some one like me thats not very technically minded?:rolleyes: Could anyone give me a very basic step by step instuctions on how to put on mode 0 on the TiVo?:D Could I do more harm than good, is there anything I should watch out for when doing this process? I am a bit worried about doing this procedure as the TiVo is running well and very pleased with it and dont want to brick it.:eek:
I hope someone can help thanks:D
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It isn't difficult to do. If you are going to re-image a hard drive for AltEpg then have a look here:- http://www.tivoland.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=626

If you want to add mode 0 to an existing hard drive that is already imaged then follow LJ's instructions :- http://www.ljay.org.uk/tivoweb/tivo_fpga.html
If you are buying a pre-configured drive it will probably have mode 0 installed anyway. You might want to look at the following thread (kickstart codes 51 and 54 in particular)


Edit: beat me to it !
Thanks both for the reply :D. I looked at the link that you gave me, the one to install mode 0. But I am a bit worried about putting it on the TiVo. I don't really no what I am doing:confused:. Is it possible for some one just to post the commands in order and if the o is not a 0 ect for telnet. I need it as simple as possible, as I don't want to damage the TiVo and I am not very good at reading instructions and being that technical.:rolleyes:sorry about this but any help would be much appreciated.:)
Here is a link to a mode 0 tutorial


If however you don't feel you reasonably at home with telnet and the linux command line you may be best just buying a preconfigured drive. It is certainly an easy way to get both mode 0 and altepg.
It's not really that difficult, editing the startup script is the most crucial part.

If you do go to Mode 0 you should setup bitrates in the Tivoweb resource editor (remembering to press Enter after EVERY change!). It's a bit trial and error, for a starter the values I use are in this post.
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