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I have bought a Toshiba DVD/Tivo combo to replace my wifes Series2 in the bedroom. We already have 2 Tivo's and don't really need 3, so I'll sell the extra one on Ebay. It doesn't have a lifetime sub, so what should I do before reselling?

I had a bad experience once with "Clear and Delete", so I would like to avoid that. Any suggestions???? I assume I would call Tivo to activate the new box and take the other box off, but then what?

Thanks in advance.


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Well, the only thing I would recommend is Clear and Delete Everything, to wipe all of your info off the box. I'd also go into TiVo Cental Online and de-authorize the box for transfers and downloads, that way your MAK won't show up on the box.

That's it really - tell the new owner to be sure to activate it, which they'll need to do to subscribe anyway.
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