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How to get back to PreRecorded Video from Main Manu

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So far I am really liking the Elite and new software but I have a question...if I am watching a show that is pre-recorded and I hit the TiVo button, the show continues to play in the upper right corner. Is there a way to return right back to the show (full screen) that is playing without having to go find it again in my shows and playing it??? I do know if you click guide while you are watching something you can get back to it by pressing the clear button on the lower left of the remote, but you can't do that when you press the TiVo button. Any ideas?
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Just hit Zoom
Thank you so much! You DA MAN!!!
yeah I asked similar, I was curious with my Premiere too. Zoom does it, thanks.
You can also hide that little window and make it reappear with "slow" (except in the guide).
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