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I appreciate your response.

I reason for not trying wifi, is because I have read that it's not a reliable signal source. Is this true?

Is it true that using Netflix etc. via the Tivo (Roamio) is also not that reliable? At times there is a tendency for buffering? Before I purchased the Tivo, I had my bluray player connected to Netflix. In that situation I never got any buffering. Can you explain the reason for this?


I guess I can't say as I've not used the Tivo version of the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps for very long. For the short time that I used them, I experienced none of the problems you mentioned. The main reason I no longer use them is that the take a long time to load as compared to my Roku 3, and the user interface is plain horrible compared to my Roku 3 experience. I'd hoped to consolidate a lot of my viewing to my Roamio Plus, rather than constantly switching devices, but, in my humble opinion, the Netflix and Hulu Plus experiences are horrible on the Tivo if you have a Roku to compare them to.

If you wish to use more than one networkable device, just buy a network switch like dianebrat suggested and then connect all of the devices to it and connect the switch to your Ethernet port. Right now I have my audio/video receiver, television, Tivo, Roku 3 and Blu-ray player all connected to an 8-port switch. No need to decide which device I want to connect or worrying about shuffling cables.

- Byron
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