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How to cancel getting a Tivocast?

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I'm must be missing something simple, but how do you cancel receiving a Tivocast? I know you have to sign up online to receive them but I want to drop some now as I am not watching them. Where do you do this?
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You can do this from your TiVo. Go to Find Programs -> TiVoCast (or maybe it's under Download TV, I can't recall).

From there you can manage your TiVoCast subscriptions.
Dang - I swear I looked there once. I must be going blind. LOL! Thanks!
From Tivo Central.....Find Programs/Download TV & Movies. There are all your Tivocast. Check mark means you have a Season Pass, just uncheck it.

And yea, it's buried. I've searched twice for it in the past two weeks, that's the only reason I knew where it was today.

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