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dsm42 said:
...I attempted to upgrade my internal HD, and when I reconnected everything, I could not get any cable channels at all...Is there any way to get the cable cards working short of waiting for an appt with a technician to come here??
When you inserted the first cable card in the bottom slot did you wait a minute for the MMI screen to appear? On the MMI screen you should have seen the Cable Card ID, the Host ID, the Data number, and the Unit Address. Assuming you did that did and gave that information to the cable company rep, they should have sent 3 signals, namely an initialization signal, a refresh signal, and a hit signal. Did they mention those 3 signals? If you do all those things you should see the 161-4 "error" message screen? A minute after seeing that the cards should be paired and you should be good to go. All of that should be possible without a technician coming out to your place but that still may be necessary if the above doesn't lead to success.
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