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Just getting the hard drive out of the bolt case makes a huge difference. I just ran a regular SATA cable (NOT an eSATA) out the back to a 3.5" drive that I just sat on the shelf behind the Tivo. The hard drive is powered from an external power supply. I was cleaning out stuff in my basement and came across an old dead Premier so, I think I'm going to put the guts from the Bolt in the Premiere case. I'll be able to get the hard drive and the Bolt's guts in to the same case, get rid of that ugly white case with it's crease or whatever the heck it is, utilize the much larger fan in the Premiere case (and power it from the HD power supply to get rid of the aforementioned whine from the motherboard fan power header) and streamline things in my AV stack again. (snip)
Please post pictures of the Bolt-into-a-Premiere conversion when it's all done. I have a couple of Premieres I was planning to e-cycle but am intrigued by the notion of a Bolt in a Premiere form factor, especially if doing so increases reliability.
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