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Are my concerns justified? Is there any pattern of several year old Bolts failing?
Yes, they are worse. My Tivo buddies complain about them, almost all the ones (we all have Bolt+) from 2016 have failed at least once. The hard drives are trash. They do seem to fail slowly, if you ever notice blocks or skips or audio "junk" or judder or any other anomalies on live TV or recording that arent signal/compression artifacts its a clue the HDD is going.

Tivo should really put the SMART status somewhere - there is no way they dont know these things are about to fail. Ill bet they sit on that data.

Another annoyance is the OnePass stuff only transfer if both boxes are "alive". After the warranty runs out on my bolt+ I think Im probably done. Cheap plastic, bad cooling, difficult hard drive add/upgrade/etc. There is such a short list of basic issues that would be trivial and easy to fix but Tivo doesnt seem to care. I dont mind spending $1K on a great DVR - but I feel the Series5 Roamio Pro was the last of the "good ones".

My observation between myself and my friends is the Bolts last 1.5 to 2 years. The stuttering and playback and live TV record anomalies are the warning sign.

These units should have a small SSD partition that is extra-reliable to hold all the "good stuff" (OnePass,etc) and the hard drive should be on a removeable tray to make swapping them trivial. The move to 2.5" from 3.5" was just stupid. The 3.5" drives are much more reliable and have been getting better every year. The lockouts (like not allowing 14TB drives) are childish.

Now I have to re-pair and re-setup a new Tivo after RMA.
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