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When I got a new Tivo, I started using my old Toshiba RS-TX60 just for recording and playing back home movies. Not all Tivo's support home movie recording from DV Camcorders.

I am now unable to record home movies, and at the same time, the TX60 will no longer allow me to set an end time for recording home movies. Does anyone know if this might be due to my no longer connecting to the Tivo server, and not using a cable box, both of which should not be necessary to record home movies? Does Tivo disable units that are not connecting to their server?

Has anyone experienced a Stop Button hardware failure that caused home recordings to become dysfunctional?

Rather than have my RS-TX60 be complete junk, there hopefully is a way to resume the transfer of my old home movies to the Tivo.

Any ideas are appreciated!
Does your Toshiba have any kind of current subscription to the TiVo Service?
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