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How much do you pay monthly for your SDV Tuning Adapter?

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I'm building a list to see what the standard charge is for a Tuning Adapter across the U.S.

Please respond with your cable operator name, market, and monthly cost. Also add if they charge for a 2nd Tuning Adapter if there is a difference for a second box. I would also like to know the cost of the CableCARD.

Thanks in advance for helping me populate the matrix. I will share it with the group when its complete!


Cable operator: Bright House Networks, Tampa
Tuning Adapter cost: $3.80 / month
CableCARD cost: $2.95 / month

Cable Operator, CableCARD Cost, Tuning Adapter Cost
Bright House Networks, CC - $2.95, TA - $3.80
Time Warner Cable, CC - $2.00, TA - Free
Charter, CC - $2.00, TA - Free
Optimum, CC - $2.00, TA - Free
Cox, CC - $2.00, TA - Free
Comcast, CC - $1.75, TA - N/A (limited SDV)
Verizon, CC - $3.99, TA - N/A
Cablevision Systems Corp, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Suddenlink Communications, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Mediacom Comm, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Insight Comm, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
CableOne, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
WideOpenWest Networks, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Atlantic Broadband Group CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Knology, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
Armstrong Cable, CC - TBD, TA - TBD
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Same prices here in St. Pete. ;)

Although I had the first year of the TA for free, so it just started showing up on my January bill and was prorated, so I won't pay the full amount until next month.
Verizon Virginia
CableCard is $3.99 / Month
Time Warner Cable, Southwest Ohio (North Dayton)
CableCARD: $2/mo.
Tuning Adapter: No Charge
Reliable Tuning Adapter: Priceless (but not available) :D

Charging for a TA has been very rare. I wonder if it is a reaction to the recent FCC BYOB regulation? Maybe the logic is: "If you get a discount for not using our STB or VCR, you should be charged for any other box we furnish"

We TWC customers probably don't have to worry about this since there is no recorded instance of TWC giving a BYOB discount.
Charter installed a TA last month. They have not yet activated it. They said it would not cost anything. I really can't see them charging for something that they implemented to deal with their signal degradation.

Cable operator: Charter, Cleveland, TN
Tuning Adapter cost: $0 / month
CableCARD cost: $2.00 / month
Cable operator: Optimum, Piscataway NJ
Tuning Adapter cost: $0 / month
CableCARD cost: $2.00 / month
I have a Series-3 Tivo

Cable operator: COX San Diego
Tuning Adapter cost: $0 / month
CableCARD cost: $4.00 / month (2 CCs)
CableCARD Credit $3.99 / month
Tuning adapter is free here. CableCARDs are $2/ea

Cox in Hampton Roads, VA

CableCARD: $1.99/mo
Tuning Adapter: Free
There should be no charge...there is NO benefit to the user. The only benefit is to the cable company (Cox). No charge now here (I have four) and there better not be later.

Cable card is $2/mo for each.
Cox Arizona - Cisco SDV market
Tuning Adapters: $0 Free
CableCARD: $2/mo
Advanced TV Gateway Fee: $1.80/mo per CC, was just reduced this month. (was $3/mo for 1st, $2/mo ea addt'l) This Fee is also charged on every leased DVR or STB, perhaps it is a hidden cost for the Tuning Adapter.
Cable operator: Brighthouse, Central Florida
Tuning Adapter cost: $3.80 / month
CableCARD cost: $2.95 / month
Bright House // Orlando

CableCARD = $2.95
Tuning Adapter was $3.80 (with one year free)
Next month as per the internal price memo that I got when I asked for a their annual price sheet today the cost for the TA is $4.00

However I added a second TA today and the REP did add free year to both again.

I have been forced into their packages and getting a Box of their own, which is a battle I am currently fighting with them.
WOW!! :eek:SO they charge for the cable card AND the tuning adapter?
Cable operator: Comcast - Staunton, VA

No SDV so no tuning adapter
CableCARD: $1.75 / month

I too thought that tuning adapters were supposed to be provided free of charge where needed. They just went all digital here (virtually) to add more HD and to get us DOCSIS 3.0 and higher bandwidth Internet.

Cable Operator: Optimum TV (Cablevision)--Manorville, NY
CableCard: $2.00/month
No Tuning adapter

Thanks very much for your responses. I had an email exchange with an official official at the FCC discussing the cost of Tuning Adapters.

Unfortunately the FCC doesn't have the power to mandate that Tuning Adapters be furnished at zero cost.

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of authority to regulate equipment costs (administrative agencies like the FCC are only allowed to work under the authority that Congress provides).

Our statement that the tuning adapters are typically free is true (Cox and Time Warner Cable both provide them for free) and also an effort on our part to encourage cable operators to continue the practice, but there's no rule that cable operators have to offer them for free.
It is interesting that Bright House Networks appears to be one of the few cable operators charging for the Tuning Adapters.

Its also interesting from the responses that Comcast is still moving in a direction that skips SDV and goes straight to IP delivery mechanisms thus not requiring a Tuning Adapter.

I will update the first post to highlight the various costs that have been provided by your responses.

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I have a Series-3 Tivo

Cable operator: COX San Diego
Tuning Adapter cost: $0 / month
CableCARD cost: $4.00 / month (2 CCs)
CableCARD Credit $3.99 / month
Can you clarify your cost per CableCARD? Each one is $4.00 but than they credit you back $3.99 or is each CC $2.00 for a total of $4.00 per month?
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