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I have a Roamio w/ lifetime still chugging along just fine, and 4 old style mini's (not mini vox's). I've recently moved to a new house and now have a desire to get television access in 2 additional rooms, so that would call for 2 more minis, 6 total.

Can a Roamio have 6 minis linked to it? I know there's only 6 tuners so if someone is watching live TV on the Roamio itself, only 5 minis can be watching at the same time (and nothing would be recording), which is fine. It probably wouldn't be more then 1 or 2 minis at a time, but I would like the option for television in multiple additional rooms.

Also, since the original minis no longer seem to be for sale, I assume the mini vox's would be what I should buy? I assume those will work fine with the Roamio?

Thanks for the info.

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There are two limits (well, maybe three):

1: 12 devices per TiVo account. This is a hard limit, once you get past this number things get weird, quick.

2: 5 Minis watching Live TV at once (for a 6-tuner Roamio, 3 at once for a base model) as the roamio will always reserve one for itself. Other Minis that attempt to access live TV will encounter the "no tuner, go watch a recording" message. This assumes no recordings - otherwise, subtract (number of recordings + 1) from 6 to get available tuners.

3: Limits of your internal network - keep in mind how much bandwidth HD streams can use.

Mini Voxen will work fine, but A93 Minis can be had for cheaper on eBay - there's no spinning drive, so I don't consider it too risky a purchase. Or hang around our sales forum.
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