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This may have been asked/answered before, but just how long should it take to transfer a one hour show from my series 2 Tivo to Tivo Desktop 2.5?

I've been trying to transfer a 1 hour show for over 48 hrs now - I'm not sitting in front of it all day, but I guess it's getting interrupted a lot.

I don't even know where to start diagnostics or whatever you call it to figure out what is wrong (I'm clueless).

I know our Tivo is hooked up to the internet via a cable modem, can not tell what brand. Is it recommended that I get that Tivo wireless adapter?

Any advice / steering in the right direction would be appreciated.

We have a Humax DRT-400 that does not always burn the DVDs'. We want to be able to transfer to desktop and burn Heroes to DVD for my son who just redeployed to Iraq last Friday. He only asked me to do two things, copy Heroes and Smallville for him and his guys. Such a little thing and I can't even do that right.

I'm sorry.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you provide details about how everything is connected, what hardware, and adapters are being used? If you can include make, model and version numbers that helps. Also, can you include the text of any error messages you see and where you see them?

Since you ask about the Tivo wireless adapter, we can guess that you connect the TiVo wirelessly. Here are some very general comments about wireless connections.

Wireless is subject to interference. Things that can interfere include microwave ovens, cordless phones, bluetooth accessories, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless weather stations and baby monitors. If you have any of these things try unplugging their base stations and taking the batteries out of the mobile parts. If things get better you have found the problem.

Wireless is subject to interference. Other nearby wireless networks can wreak havoc with your wireless network. You can try changing the channel on your wireless router. Perhaps a quieter channel will work much better. Other networks with the same network name (SSID) as yours are even worse. Make sure your SSID is unique. If not, fix it and then set all your wireless devices up again.

Wireless is subject to interference. Reflected signals from your own wireless network can interfere with each other and cause nothing to get through at all. The antennas need to be kept 3 feet away from large or small metallic objects such as knick knacks, CDs, DVDs, mirrors, consumer electronics and metal furniture. This goes for both the wireless router and the adapter for your TiVo or computer. Orienting the antennas for best signal strength also helps. The best orientation for antennas is for them to be parallel to each other. having the antennas pointing directly at each other, is the worst possible orientation.

Now your problem could be completely different, but based on your post, this is all we have to work with.

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Sounds like your adapter may not be Tivo compatible.

Have you checked on Tivo.com to see if your adapter is Tivo compatible?
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