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If Tivo is smart, they'll do this:

1. Make the Tivo HD free with a 2 year contract
2. Reduce the subscription price to 10$ and make it the same for everyone(no multiple tivo discounts)
3. Fire unnecessary employees to make a profit(trim down the company)

The sad fact is that Tivo has never made a profit. Clearly something is going wrong. My opinion: It's the cableco dvr users that are causing Tivo the big losses. In order to compete with them, Tivo has to price their stuff accordingly. They have a great product, but at a high price. Basically, what Tivo has is:
- A $300 box which you sign a 1 year contract for at $16 a month
compared to the cable company which has:
- A free box with a 1 year contract at $10 a month
There's simply no comparison. If I had cable(I have a DirecTivo now), I would go for the cableco dvr, despite the fact that the Tivo is better, simply because of the enormous price difference. I think that moreover, now that the Tivo software is tweaked and more or less done, Tivo can afford to let go of a few people in the company to help it make a profit. I HOPE Tivo does, but the future looks grim unless Tivo makes some serious changes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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