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How I Met Your Mother - Noretta - OAD 10/24/11

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For me, one of the worst ever.

And I realize it is a show, but it just seemed so inappropriate, after we had the emotional episodes of Marshall losing his dad, for his dad to appear in make-out sessions with him.

Weird Al was entertaining though, although it is widely known that Madonna herself suggested 'Like a surgeon' to him.
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I ask myself every week why I am still watching this show. Not funny anymore, Barney is a caricature of his formal self, the two girls are not bringing the hot T&A. I really don't know why I am watching this still. :(
Wife and I asked ourselves that too. I think we are all just waiting for it to wind down and hopefully they'll do that gracefully. It's becoming very formulaic. Oh look..Ted goes out with yet another girl...
We just started watching again this season, and agree. Time to wrap it up.
This is a great show to watch when you first are sitting down on the couch and need to catch up on blogs, email, and facebook.
the two girls are not bringing the hot T&A.
Never "got" Lily, but Robin used to be hot. Still very strong, but off her highs for the session. ;)
Never "got" Lily, but Robin used to be hot. Still very strong, but off her highs for the session. ;)
You're not paying attention:


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You're not paying attention:

I see my mother.. :)
I've been getting bored with this for some time now, but I actually caught myself realizing last night, "I'm ONLY watching this to see who the mother turns out to be!"

I'm past the point with this show where I totally lost interest with 2 1/2 Men, but I find myself continuing to watch this for the payoff, where I've already deleted the SP for 2 1/2 Men.

I'm coming to grips with the fact that I'll have to delete the SP for this one before the payoff because I just can't really stand to watch it anymore. Just doesn't hold much interest for me.
I found the Weird Al bits especially funny, since that past sunday I actually was at the Weird Al concert, and I did in fact take a girl with me as a romantic date.

And contrary to the jokes, there were plenty of women at the show; although my girl was the hottest one there. :)

Interesting aside... Weird Al doesn't accept song ideas from people. He even has his fan mail screened so that he has deniability if some fan accuses him of stealing their idea.
I laughed at the episode, though thought it was amusing that both this show and 2.5 Men had the "you date/marry your parent" plotline.
My recorder did not get if for some reason. Looks like I didn't miss much.
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