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How do I perform a code search fpr my AV Receiver?

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I have just installed a new Series 3 HD Tivo box and had no problem getting the remote to recognize my SONY TV. My problem is that I also have a very good SONY AV receiver and none of the many codes suggested by TIVO worked.

I was successful in getting the remote to "learn" to turn off the AV receiver. Unfortunately, that overrides the codes controlling the TV so that now I can turn the AV Receiver off and on but I no longer can turn the TV on or off!!!

As you can appreciate this not an ideal solution.

Is theer any way short of just trying a large number of random numbers to find the correct code for the AV Receiver that TIVO will recognize?

Hey guys - Thank you very much for the input. Problem solved!!!

My Sony AV receiver, model STR-DG710 is a very nice unit with HDMI thruput so I am really getting top quality HD Video and Sound, especially on the HD channels. Unfortunately it just would not respond to any of the TIVO suggested codes.

I finally resolved the problem by programing the "Input" button to turn ON/OFF the AV Receiver.

Now I'm happy and most important, my wife can watch TV without having to deal with more than one remote!!!
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When programming the power button for your A/V receiver, substitute the 1 or 2 button on the numeric keypad for the actual TV power button. You'll probably have to redo the setup for your TV as well.

See this TiVo page (near bottom) for more info.
If your sony is still set to factory default codeset AV2, then there aren't any preset codes for it, and no reason to search.

see if you can change the codeset your receiver responds to, from AV2 to AV1. see your manual or this thread.

Once your receiver is set to AV1 codeset, the codes in the tivo remote will work.
OP did not say if receiver is in the middle of HDMI connection so this may or
may not apply.

I went through this myself with Tivo S3 -> STR-DG710 receiver -> 46XBR4 tv
thru HDMI. All my research says the receiver is AV2 codeset ONLY and cannot
be changed. I had not yet found the Tivo learning remote function (mentioned
by Krellion) which is definitely more versatile.

Instead I used this solution:
1) enable HDMI control on the receiver (not the factory default and there was
actually a separate manual to cover this setting, but easy to perform)
2) set TV to external audio, and to control HDMI devices

I believe the 1st code in the list for TV power/mute/volume/input did the right thing.

Now if I could only teach the Tivo remote to control the BD player :p
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I finally figured it out!!! Every forum I searched did not have a way to change the input mode to AV1 and I have been in agony for months. But luckily I decided to try just about every method listed on this site http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-sony/thread.cgi?4020 for every other sony receiver and I finally got it to work. I did the following:

On the Receiver:

1. Turn off receiver
2. Press and hold the INPUT button
3. Press the power button to toggle AV modes

Which was the instructions for the STR-DA1000ES, STR-DA2000ES, STR-DA3000ES, STR-DA3100ES, STR-DA5000ES, STR-DA9000ES, STR-DB790, STR-DB795 . :)

Once I did this the 1099 code was the one that worked
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