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How do I "force an update" from a neighbor's land line?

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I have an HR10-250 that I got more than two years ago. I set it up at a friend's house who had a land line. I've never had a land line. Since that first day, my DirecTivo has never been able to make a call.

I'm going to move it to a bedroom and use it with a 480i TV, so I'd like to do an update since I have to unhook it, anyway. (It's on 3.1e, I believe.)

Can someone point me to step-by-step directions on how to "force a call" and get the latest software onto this HR10-250 by simply plugging it into a phone line at someone's house and attaching it to their TV so that I can see what's going on? I'm afraid I'll get lost in the whole "searching for satellites" process I remember going through when I originally set it up at a neighbor's house.

Thanks in advance. Trust me: It is time. You wouldn't believe how slow this thing runs. :eek:
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You should not need a sat connection to make a phone call but you will need to wait out the acquiring sat info when booting up. After connecting phone line, go to phone connection menu and select "Connect to to DVR service now" (might be worded a little different for 3.1.5). After call completes, look at Last Status and hopefully if will show "Pending Restart". Restart and you should get upgraded. It might take several calls over a period of days to get the upgrade.

You could also use InstantCake to re-image the HDD and get the upgrade that way. Another option is to replace the drive. You can get a pre-imaged drive from weaknees.com, dvrupgrade.com or eBay. All you need is 2 Torx screwdrivers (T-10 and T-15) to replace the drive.
Wow. This may not be worth the trouble, eh? The land line isn't, like, next door. It's over at my in-laws across town. Hmmmm. DirecTV sure makes this easy, don't they? If I got InstantCake, how do you get the upgrade onto your DirecTivo?
Click on the InstantCake link in my previous post and read about it.
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