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How are shows actually named for TiVo listings?

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Stupid question probably but just curious as I am visiting my son in San Antonio and they have Time Warner Cable like we do at home. It came up when I noticed he had to make a manual repeating recording to record Elvira's Movie Macabre as his TiVo just listed the name of the movie she makes fun of every week and not the name of the actual show. Hope that makes sense. He said they tried wish lists for both Elvira and Cassandra Peterson but nothing shows up. :confused:
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TV listings are generated by the Tribune Media Services. This information can also be found at www.zap2it.com, which is affiliated with Tribune Media Services.
The guide data is aggregated by tribune. The actual listings come from the stations and networks. How well that is done depends on how the hard the station employee responsible wants to do their job.

I guess the station down there is just too lazy to do it right. :)
IMHO the right thing to do in this situation is ambiguous. Sure, it's a TV series. But also, they're movies. List them as episodes, or list them as you would other movies? Neither is perfect.

You can probably find, somewhere in your guide data, a listing or two with a series title like "Movie", and the movie name as the episode title. That's a kind of half-assed version of what you're suggesting. I always hate seeing it in the guide, because you never get the full movie info, and the movies don't show up the same way as regular movies in searches.
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