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The hit medical drama House, starring Emmy-nominated actor Hugh Laurie, joins USA Network on Friday, January 6 at 11/10C. Whether you're new to House or want to catch up, episodes will air in order from the show's beginning.

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I just discovered House not too long ago, and love it. Did anyone see the parody Mad Tv did on it a while back, hillarious!

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Just jump in. If you have any questions, we can straighten you out.

Better to jump in with episode #2 than in the middle of season 1 like I did last year.


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Ep 1 pretty much just started giving the background of the characters, thankfully we are only given a few pieces and not all at once like some shows do, so jumping in on ep 2 is a good idea.

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PeteEMT said:
I thought it was rather dark (illumination) can't remember if the Fox one was like that too.
Well, since I'm just now getting caught up on the earlier episodes... yes, the first episode WAS very dark (illumination.)

Actually, I think the best description of the first episode - cinematic. There were a LOT of big-screen stylistic cues... odd lens choices, dark lighting, even the music screamed "big-screen." A lot of directors have issues like this when they jump for the first time from the big screen to the small screen, or vice versa.

Well... actually, it screamed "big screen on a budget," because it looked more like they TRIED for a lot of big-screen elements, and most of them felt awkward. Some because, well, TV is NOT big screen, and some just because it was a pilot and there likely were budgetary restrictions.

In any case, yes, the pilot was dimly lit. :)
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