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Home Movies = Dr. Katz!

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Hey, how come nobody told me about this show!

I just happened to catch "Home Movies" on the Toon channel, and it's just like Dr. Katz, which I really liked. Same squiggly animation, voices, and damn funny.

Just a heads-up for others as clueless as me. :p

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Thanks, I LOVE Dr. Katz. Still have a bunch of VHS tapes with them on it. That secretary was really sexy for a cartoon!
I never got to watch Dr. Katz because the cable service I had back then didn't carry whichever channel it was on. But I watched Home Movies when it first aired on UPN and loved it. I recognized it immediately that it was done by the same people as Dr. Katz.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't like the "Squigglevision" for some reason, and so in the later seasons of Home Movies they did away with it and used standard animation. I think the squiggles add a lot to the animation, so the earlier episodes are still my favorite.

Coach McGuirk rules.
Oh, and I almost forgot. There was this Saturday morning kid's show on a while back, I think it was on ABC, called Science Court. It was done in Squigglevision by the same group and had most of the same voices (I think the judge was Paula Poundstone, IIRC). It was fun to watch even though it was more for kids.
I'd kill for Dr Katz on DVD :(

And yeah, Home Movies is very similar in humor and quite funny, but it's no Dr. Katz!
Dr.Katz was a great show. I wish they would show them again...
Science Court was great.

Same type of smarmy attitude, but lots cleaner.

Home Movies is really good. I think the "Adult Swim" crowd didn't embrace it because it didn't have blood spewing, filthy rapping, head chopping morons on it.

Uh. Well despite what Cornflake seems to think, it did pretty well on AS actually. I enjoyed it as well.
I keep waiting for Dr. Katz to come out on DVD.

Home Movies (great show) stopped using Squiggle-vision after the first season or so...
Cornflakeguy said:
I think the "Adult Swim" crowd didn't embrace it because it didn't have blood spewing, filthy rapping, head chopping morons on it.

I must have missed all those things in Family Guy and Futurama which are probably the highest rated part of Adult Swim ;)
Ya I was so sad when Home Movies was cancelled. I also think these guys have something to do with that show on IFC about the director of a film studio.
Home Movies really went downhill once Paula Poundstone fell off the wagon. She really disrupted the flow of the show.

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